• Cicatrices De Luxe
      "Design must become ordinary, while maintaining a sense of the elite - a slight 19th century flavor.
      Tomorrow the concept of design will disappear; it will be completely integrated into daily life. With the end of the 20th century and the ploriferation of cheap plastic chairs, why not give up on the concept of design and move on to something else?... It’s important to understand that freedom means adopting the style of tomorrow and recognizing the differences… I don’t like global thinking, so I’ll talk about the opposite of design… then know-how, the blowing of glass, the luxury… Luxury scars (Cicatrices de luxe) is a play on words which evolves around the idea of engraving as a scar, but also of a luxury that leaves an indelible mark. Luxury is not free… luxury is not innocent… luxury is surrounded by scars; knowing it is even more perverse, better to be aware of it - for the pleasure!.” Philippe Starck
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