• Atelier Chair
      “Form follows function” – this legendary slogan by Sullivan has left its mark on generations of desi
      gners. Reduced form, visible function – the insignia of functional design. But there is more to it than that today: the sensuousness of the minimalist. EOOS has taken the idea of functional clarity and given it its own interpretation. And even in the age of iPad and iPhone, we can see that functionality can be emotive. The Atelier Chair is a gentle ascetic. Leather and steel are the skin and bones – minimised and timeless, elegant and sustainable. Taut leather stretches over the steel framework – just as you would expect of genuine tubular steel furniture. The visible construction reveals the function of the chair. And ticking all the boxes: the patina effect – because leather does not reveal its true beauty until it is in use. The headrest is easy to adjust. The leather slides over the neck roll, the height of the backrest changes. The leather gives way to your shoulder to ensure optimum comfort. The ideal place for daydreaming, resting and relaxing.
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      Walter Knoll

      • LIVING